Thursday, January 5, 2012

Portable Radios

Portable radio styles are handheld, headphone, emergency, table top, armband, pocket/mini and tabletop. The different brands are Sony, Grundig, Tivoli, Sangean, Coby, Panasonic, Summit, GE, Midland, Griffin Technology, Oregon Scientific and Tripp Lite. The various bands are FM, AM, Weather, Shortwave and World band. The tuning may be digital or analog.

Characteristics of portable radios
Some of the features of a few portable radios are mentioned below:

Sony SRF-M37V Portable radio
There is a TV tuner and weather band tuning function. There is a direct weather button that allows to access weather forecast at the touch of the button. There is a 25 station preset memory. Electronic settings are used for one-button tuning for the choice from 5 TV channels, 5 weather bands, 10 FM and 5 AM stations. 1 AAA battery provides hours of listening and assists to make the Walkman(R) radio compact and cheap to use. The 5 direct key preset memory allows you to electronically tune any 5 stations you set, although in different frequency bands with the press of a single and easy-to-reach button. The digital clock and battery indicator allows to keep track of the correct time and provides a visible indication when the battery power becomes low.

Sony Radio Walkman
The digital clock and battery indicator makes it perfect to use. There is an accurate and drift-free tuning for AM and FM radio stations with five-station preset memory and local weather band broadcasts. There is also a TV tuner to listen to the audio from TV channels.

Sony SR-FM37V Personal Radio Walkman
1 AAA battery provides hours of listening, makes the radio compact and cheap to run. There is a 25 Station preset memory and a 5 direct key preset memory. Additionally, there is a digital clock and battery indicator. Also, a direct weather button and FM local/distance DX switch are present. There are 3.3 ounces of battery and belt clip.

Grundig Mini AM/FM Shortwave Radio
This has a clock and an alarm. There is analog tuning with a digital frequency readout and an earbud jack. There is also a travel case and earbuds. This has 2 AA batteries. There are 7 shortwave bands that allow to dial-in the world.

Grundig/Eton radio
This is the most modern single-conversion superheterodyne circuit design, digital frequency readout, 13 shortwave bands, AM/FM bands, built-in 90 minute sleep timer, telescopic antenna and built-in ferrite bar antenna. There are also L/R line level outputs, earphone jack, stereo/mono switch and carrying handle. AC adapter and shoulder strap are included. Four D batteries are not included.

Coby Digital All Weather Radio w/Band #CX96
There is a digital AM/FM tuning system. There is a DBBS-Dynamic bass boost system. There are 20 preset stations and a built-in digital clock. Lightweight stereo earphones are included. There is a detachable arm band and 2 X AAA size batteries.

Coby Sport AM/FM Radio w/ Arm band
This all-weather sport AM/FM digital radio with arm band has a digital tuner, DBBS-dynamic bass boost system, 20 preset stations (10 AM, 10 FM), built-in digital clock and detachable arm band. There are also lightweight stereo earphones.

Sangean HDR-1 HD Table-top radio
There is an auto tuning system and an auto preset system. There are 20 memory presets and a backlit LCD. There are tone and bass control, EQ pre-sets, clocks, snooze function, adjustable sleep timer, multicast capability and IR remote control. This has a weight of 6.6 lbs.